Hair loss is a big crisis in the lives of many men. There are solutions such as hair transplant and the use of a wig, but a logical step to solve the problem is to sport a bald look. It is a hairstyle on its own.

If you are in the same crises of losing hair day by day. Then maybe it’s time to get a good quality head shaver and shave of all the surviving strands from your head.

Head Shaver

Why is baldness the answer? Well, here are a few positives of the bald look that will convince you to use a head shaver.

1. You look younger

Age of a man can be easily notified by the color and amount of hair present on the scalp. So a bald head hides your age. Likewise, the bald look has gained popularity among the youth in recent years as a fashion trend so younger men that aren’t necessarily balding are also shaving their hair every couple of days. A head shaver doesn’t only shave off your hair, it shaves off years off your age as well.

2. You look tougher

It is a common observation that filmmakers cast baldheaded artists in macho roles. Mostly tough guys seen in movies are bald. These film images give rise to society’s view of bald men as more intimidating. Studies have revealed that the people with a bald head are found to be generally better respected.

3. Saves you time and money

You must have experienced a number of bad hair days when you tried to make your hair look perfect with various products. You actually come out of the trouble forever after shaving your head. You won’t need to waste your time combing or shampooing either. Moreover, it saves you from the hassle of going to a barber, paying money for a haircut, and the regular purchase of hair products.

4. Best cure for thinning of hair

According to a survey, bald men are found to be the most attractive people on the earth while people with thinning hair are the least attractive. Although many solutions to hair loss like implants and wigs, are available in the market, the use of a head shaver remains the best. Shaving off the surviving strands of your thin hair is not only the way to rock a cool look but also saves you money.

5. Improved shaving technologies

You don’t need to go anywhere, it’s a do-it-yourself haircut. In the last few years, shaving tools have become quite advanced. High quality razors with triple and quadruple blades help you shave off your hair closely without hurting the skin on the scalp. It is important to use one of the best head shavers available in the market, because nobody wants to go out of home with little bits of tissue paper stuck to the head.

Shaving your head gives you an interesting new look and a feeling of freedom that words cannot express. Don’t hesitate to give it a try… after all hair always grow back.