The age-old debate between disposable razors and electric razors for men is a never-ending discussion. Protectors of the earth are concerned about the damage disposable razors sustain to the environment. Then there are those people that have been using disposable razors for a long time and find electrical razors as the culprit of the environment. Therefore, we decided to end the debate once and for all by comparing the two together.

The Battle of the Razors

Electric razors for men are rechargeable, which means that you don’t have to throw them away after one or two use nor do they require surplus amounts of shaving cream on your face or head. This way the environment isn’t the only benefiting from the use of electric razors, but your wallet is as well, as they are a one-time only purchase. However, you will still be required to pay for additional blades, recharging, and facial foam, but these are just minor costs compared to the costs associated with the disposable razors, which are a threat to the environment.


Which Razor Is the Environment’s Worst Enemy?

Did you know that around two billion disposable razors find their way into the landfill? Do you know what’s even worse? Those two billion disposable razors made up of metal and plastic can’t be recycled. That’s an extremely big pile, causing an equally big damage to the environment. We ask again of who is the real enemy of the environment. Disposable razors are the clear winner of this contest, but they do a lot more than create waste that can't be recycled.

Disposable razors are an imminent threat to wasting energy and water, two main things that people should take an initiative to save. Shaving with a disposable razor will waste water, as while you shave the tap may be running or worse you may be shaving in the shower. If you have a habit for shaving in the shower, you are committing a major water wastage sin, as you are using 2.5 gallons of water per minute, wasting twenty-four gallons of hot water, 4.1 kilowatts of electricity per hour, and 5.3 gallons of carbon dioxide forming in your tub. Do you now see why you should get rid of your disposable razors and switch to electric razors for men instead?

Electric razors will save you energy and you can save a lot more if you follow these tips:

  • Don’t leave it charging overnight, but take it out to save energy
  • Unplug the charging stand, if not run by batteries
  • Use electric razors for men, until the very last drop of battery is drained

Electric razors compared to disposables are supreme in more than one way. Apart from being an energy-saving substitute, they provide you with precise and quick shave. Whether you’re a tree hugger or want a close shave, electric shavers for men is the perfect way to achieve both. We would love to hear on what side of the debate you are on so let us know in the comments.