If you are new to the concept and practice of electric shaving then you may want to practice a bit of patience while using your electric shaver; you need to get a complete hold of the electric shaving technique beforehand. Even speaking generally men commit a few common shaving mistakes which hinder their shaving experience and prevent them from getting a quality shave. Some of the common shaving mistakes men make while using an electric shaver or a conventional blade are mentioned below.

Not preparing your face for shave

Many men are ill prepared as they shave in the shower or rush through preparing their face. Ingrown hair, nicks and razor burns can form if the hair is not softened prior to shaving. Opening the pores with warm water and applying shave foam to can help prevent this and allow the razor or electric shaver to move across the face smoothly without any irritation.

Not understanding the sensitive areas of your face

The upper lip, the area under the chin and the edge of the mouth are a few sensitive areas of your face. Having said that, the sensitive areas can vary from person to person thus, it is important for you to understand the sensitive areas of your face better.

Shaving against the growth of the bristle

Shaving against the growth of the bristle is a common mistake most men make. This causes irritation in the sensitive skin at the side of the neck as well as ingrown hair. Thus, it is important to shave in the direction of the growth; stretching your skin from above the area you wish to shave will help you get a closer shave.

An Over-used Blade

Electric Shaver For Men

Your beard type is different from your friends’ so do not change your blades when they do. For men that use electric shavers, it is important that you replace the heads and cutters of your shaver at least after every year. Using your shaver often results in dulling your cutter. It can even result in a hole in your shaver’s head and affect the quality of your shave. You may even get a nasty cut. So before such a time arises, it is important that you replace your cutter which could either be every six months or a year.

Not Completing the Shave

Spots, dry skin and redness can result from leaving your pores open. Thoroughly rinsing your face with cold water will help you close your pores, while replenishing the skin with a moisturizing balm. Any irritations or redness caused by the razor or electric shaver particularly around the sensitive areas will become negligible by doing this.

In order to get a quality shaving experience and the most out of your electric shaver or razor, it is important to avoid the above mentioned common shaving mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes will help you have a quality shaving experience.