The debate about which razor is better, the electric shavers for men or the traditional wet razor, cannot overlook the fact that the electric shaver requires no water. If you are traveling and stranded in no man’s land, you can still get a good shave. Army men, who are all the time on then move, find it the most convenient and so do people who have to travel frequently. Not requiring water is the biggest convenience for you. You can use the electric shaver in a desert or on snow clad mountains. The fact that they are highly portable is another point in their favor adding to the label of being convenient. 

Electric shavers are also quick and need no foam or gel. Just switch it on and use on your dry face. Dry shaving is never messy. It requires just two to three minutes to get a good shave with an electric shaver while a traditional shave could last anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes plus cleaning up time. Most of the electric shavers come with trimmers so you can trim your beard and mustaches. They are also equipped with self cleaning technology and need not be washed but will self clean. 

Most electric shavers for men do not need to be charged for about a week. You can safely leave the charger at home if you are going to be away from home for just a week. You may have to shave with a blunt blade in case you forget to get a replacement for your traditional razor but not with an electric razor as it will never go blunt but will work seamlessly to give you a good shave day after day. 

Electric shavers are also easy to use and they are definitely fast. Some electric shavers are equipped with technology that gives about 10, 000 vibrations a minute. This makes it possible for the shaver to capture more hair. The shavers are also equipped to raise the flat hair and cut it simultaneously which makes shaving very swift. The shaver can also be personalized according to the skin sensitivity so you can have either an aggressive shave or a softer one. So choose your shave type, present your face and leave the rest to the electric shaver for men. 

Electric shavers can work without additional expenses while using the conventional razors requires regular replacement of gels, foam, soap or blades and the razor itself. These are all added expenses besides if you forget to get a replacement you may not be able to shave at all. However, there is no such inconvenience with an electric shaver. It is always on ready mode so no matter where you are or when you need a shave you can get a shave. All you need to do is pick up the electric shaver for men and move it conveniently and easily over your fact. Nothing can be more convenient or easier than using an electric shaver.