Shaving is one of the common activities that men and women share, even if they shave different parts of their bodies. However, when it comes to the blades and electric razors for men and women, are there real differences in their application? In essence, is there a real difference between the hair and skin of men and women that justifies the use of different razors and supporting products?

Electric Shaver For Men

There are general differences in the skin between men and women. Men’s skin generally has larger pores, more active sebaceous glands and it somewhat thicker overall. However, the sebaceous glands of both men and women will tend to produce less oil over time and especially so for women. In addition, the hair of men tends to be better conditioned for longer periods of time. Add to this, the difference in hormones which results in men having more facial and body hair with some women actually having thicker hair on their bodies if they suffer from a condition known as hirsutism.

The Differences in Shaving between Men and Women

Although there are biological differences between men and women that cause the hair and skin to be somewhat different, the truth is that the overall differences are not great enough to cause the blades and electric razors for men and women along with the supporting products to be all that different. In fact, most of the differences are superficial in nature such as the shaving cream having different fragrances and the overall packaging of the products to be different as well.

However, the most substantial difference is the techniques used by men and women to shave the hair. This is mostly due to the fact that men mostly shave their faces while women mostly shave their legs and underarm areas. Since the skin on the legs is less sensitive that on the face, women tend to shave against the grain of the hairs for a smoother appearance. Men on the other hand tend to shave with the grains of the hairs in order to avoid having some become ingrown as a result. Plus, shaving with the grain of the hairs causes fewer instances of razor burn as well.

Electric Shaver for Woman

While the truth is that shaving products between men and women are virtually interchangeable, the actual way that men and women shave are different enough that sharing the same razors may be problematic in getting the best shave. While electric razors for men are designed for the face, using them on the legs will probably result in more missed areas which in turn create a more uneven appearance.

In addition, there is no indication that men or women are going to want unisex razors and supporting products anytime soon which makes manufacturers happy since they often charge different prices for essentially the same overall items. As long as men and women perceive that there are major differences in how they shave, there will be different products designed for their overall use and after a complete analysis of the shaver you are using, you will be in a position to define how satisfy you are with it.