Few strands of hair don’t mask the baldpate that’s clearly visible from afar and near. It’s nothing to be ashamed about either, as it’s natural process that happens to all men, young or old. Don’t try to cover your baldpate with a hat or disguise it with a wig, but take the bold step to shaving the last few wisps of hair on your head with a head shaver. Head shavers are a bald man’s best friend, and can be your best friend too. Let’s find out why, below:

1. Easy to Hold Grip
Not all head shavers are built the same, which means that you need to purchase a head shaver that provides you with a firm and easy grip when shaving your head and other parts of the body. 


Head Shaver

2. Less Accidents
The firm grip ensures that you won’t accidently let go of the razor while shaving, resulting in cuts if it slipped away from you.

3. Shaves Hard to Reach Spots 
Unless you are in the mood to make a pattern on your head, you would want to be careful when shaving your baldpate. Random patterns on the head, left not on purpose will just make people laugh and make you look like a fool. That will only happen if you use head shavers that don’t have the ability to reach hard to reach spots on your head such as the back. Therefore, you need head shavers that can make your baldpate spotless.

4. Shaving will Take Less Time
Don’t like spending hours in the bathroom shaving off every hair on your head? If your hand begins to ache from shaving the same spot over and over again, you must be using a conventional razor, which isn’t meant for the head. What you need is a head shaver to give you one of the fastest and closest shave you’ve ever witnessed. It would be as if a mower just mowed your lawn.

5. Cleaning Won’t be a Hassle
Cleaning a razor of loose hair is one of the toughest chores, as getting every single one out of the blades is an annoying task at best. If you spend hours cleaning your razor, you are using the wrong one. You need to use head shavers that you can easily rinse and dry without having the inclination to throw it on the wall in frustration. 

Head shavers that are able to provide you with that smooth, shiny, and hair free surface perform the cleanest shave. However, just because you have a baldpate, you can’t slack off on the grooming methods, as they are still necessary. In order to maintain that shine, do the following:

a. Shampoo and condition your head
b. Wear a hat to shield your baldpate from the sun 
c. Moisturize your baldpate regularly

Do you have a baldpate? If you have a baldpate, let us know how you take care of it. Also, let us know the features that you favor the most in a head shaver.