It’s a brilliant marketing technique that companies use to create separate types of razors for men and for women. This is especially true in light of the fact that women’s razors generally cost considerably more for what appears to be the same product.

However, is there really a difference when it comes to blade and electric razors for men and women? The truth is that there are some differences, but perhaps not in the areas where you might believe they exist. For example, when it comes to the razor blades themselves, there is no substantial difference between what is found in products sold to women or men. In all actuality, the companies who create the products have stated for years that there is no substantial difference in terms of the razor technology that is used.

Electric Razors

Differences in Design

There are differences in the overall design of razors between women and men, particularly when it comes to surface size. This is due in part because men tend to shave their faces while women tend to shave their legs which generally require a broader area for the razor to cover. In addition, the head of a razor designed for women is more rounded and allows it to be positioned easier so that the finer hairs of the legs can be properly cut. Plus, a larger overall encasing body means it is less likely that the razor can be mishandled.

Men’s razors have smaller heads so that they can be adjusted better to the face. The hair on a man’s face is generally thicker and thus requires blades that are more closely placed together. Of course, a man has to be fairly careful when shaving to avoid being cut. In addition, there are differences in how men and women shave as well based on their techniques which is incorporated into the razor design.

Differences in Support Products & Price

When it comes to shaving creams and other support products used for blade and electric razors for men and women, once again the differences between them are quite minimal. Other than the addition of fragrances or the use of different color combinations, there is essentially no difference between the shaving creams and foams used by both sexes.

As for why women pay up to 30% or more for products that are similar to what men pay? It is here that the manufacturing companies have not been so equal in their answers. While some will point out the addition of fragrances and special designs that are used for women’s razors and support products, the truth is that none of the additions comes anywhere close to justifying the price increase.

It does appear however from the result of several studies that women are simply willing to pay more than men because they are more concerned about their appearance. Thus, the emphasis on having the best products for their use means they are willing to shell out more money. So, when it comes to the differences in prices between blades and the electric razor for men and women as well as the supporting products, women are willing to pay a higher price for the best.