What do Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, The Rock, and Jason Statham have in common? They are extremely good looking that is a given, but why are they good looking, now, that is the real question? The reason they have legions of female fans is because they have shaved heads, which make them look even more appealing. Who knew shaved heads could be sexy? Shaved heads, indeed, is something that every man should try. There are many advantages of shaving your head with an electric shaver, which we have listed here:

  1. It Will Hide Your True Age In Front of Women

It’s not only girls that desire to look younger than their age, but guys do as well. You can look younger if you get rid of your hair. Right now, the young men are sporting a bald look and pulling it off. So, get out your shaver, shave your head, and see ten years shed away from your real age. If you don’t believe us, ask one of your female friends.

  1. Men Will Not Mess with You

If you are the sweetest guy in town, your shaved look will provide you with a disguise. A disguise that’s of a brooding and tough guy that no other man wants to dare mess with. Use your electric shaver to get that macho bad guy look that we see in movies. If other guys weren’t threatened by you then, they will be now.

  1. Trash You Comb and Hair Products

Do you remember how much you used to spend on hair products and going to the barber to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends? With no hair, you won’t need to spend your money on them anymore. Comb, what comb? The object will sound foreign to you, as you will not need it anymore because you won’t have any hair to comb. On top of that, bad hair days will be a think of the past. Go out in the rain, wear a cap, or pull over a hoodie, your style will stay put.

  1. Latest Electric Shavers

Electric shavers and the technology used to design them have improved significantly. You won’t be stuck with an outdated electric shaver, giving you an uneven shave. The latest technology helps you reach areas that old electric razors weren’t capable of doing.

  1. Hair Loss Won’t be A Problem

When men begin to lose hair, they become frantic and try to use everything from ointments to herbal remedies to boost hair growth. In order to avoid the ludicrous purchases, shave off any last remaining signs of hair to get a baldpate. If you do it sooner, you won’t have to worry about it later.

If you have been thinking this over in your head of whether you should shave your head or not, we hope these points helped clear your confusion. Bald men are handsome in their own way, and if that’s the look you want, use an electric shaver to obtain it.