If you’ve had your fair share of trouble using a traditional shaver; you should give electric razors a try. The science of electric razor technology is extraordinary. That said, it’s not difficult to put away your old-fashioned disposable razors.

Close, clean shaving. No bumps.

Nobody likes the cuts and nicks that a disposable razor inflicts on the body. An electric shaver won’t give you this discomfort. If you have limited mobility, a portable or electric razor is a terrific choice for you. Another advantage that a buyer looks for in an electric razor is the rich accessories and features.

Multiple options. Reliable technology.

A rotary razor has three or five round heads. Cutters spin below the heads and cut off the hair. Rotary shavers are even perfect for people who are not after shaving every day. Moving the shaver on its circular motion, the hair basically slip into the openings and are then cut off. Even the motion makes it a lot easier for you to maneuver on difficult and unreachable areas, in particular with chin and neck. More so, the main advantage of rotary shaver is that it is better to use on coarser or thicker hair that ultimately grows on various directions. Apart from it, it does not require rigorous cleaning that makes it perfect for hectic and busy schedules.

Electric Shaver For Men

Rotary blades are the perfect electric powered shavers for longer hair. Other razors do a poor job trimming the hard-to-reach spots on the head, face, etc. Rotary blades feature dual and triple head sets. In the end, your choice for a rotary model or foil-head trimmer depends on your hair type, budget and personal preference. If you’re someone who wants a portable electric model, you should opt to buy a cordless one. This type is usually compact and travel-friendly. Modern models use two powerpoints, battery and electricity.

Waterproof electric shaver

Waterproof shavers have become a popular choice for shoppers. You can apply a lubricating solution such as a shaving foam if you’re using a waterproof electric razor. A recent study concludes that modern shoppers enjoy the luxury of speed when they use an electric shaver. Some razors have a dry/wet mode. Electric razors operate just as efficient without a lubricant.

The first thing that you’ll think about when buying an electric razor is if the price is right. Although it’s a concern, you shouldn’t base your decision on price alone. After you’ve finished shaving, you need to soothe the skin with an Aftershave lotion or moisturizer. If you’re concern about irritating your sensitive skin, you should choose a hypoallergenic brand. A razor blade won’t trace the facial contours as effortless and painless as that of an electric shaver. Shaving with a disposable razor blade is a tedious task. With an electric-powered or a battery-operated model, the process is a breeze. It has a longer life too unlike a manual razor which you’ll throw away after using. If you’re looking for a quality product that will endure a lifetime of use, you can’t go wrong with a dual-powerpoint electric shaver.