Shaving is already a part of the daily routine of many men. It’s the most significant aspects of many men’s grooming routines and nothing feels cleaner than a closed shave face.

Now, there is a conventional method to shave- wet shaving wherein you need shaving kit, water and of course patience. But, there is an electric shave wherein you only need is an electric razor. But, the argument between dry shave and wet shave goes afar all this.

Wet Shaving

Wet shaving is an old way of shaving. When there has been any disparity, it’s the quality of razors or foams on hand in the market these days.

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Advantages of Wet Shaving

1. The most apparent benefit to this approach is that the close shave thing behind it. The smooth and soft feeling you have upon touching you face after wet shaving is unparalleled.

2. Another significant benefit of a wet shaving is that the shaver isn’t only clipping off the stubble, however also gets rid of the covering of dead cells, as a result allowing exfoliation.

Disadvantages of Wet Shaving

1. Bloodbath which you need to put on a daily basis could become annoying after a span of time. Not even the experienced barbers could assure no-blood. However, the cuts are not noticeable after bleeding is stopped.

2. Annoyance is also a daily issue especially if you have sensitive skin

3. You need to take so much time

Electric Shaving

Electric tools have made enhancements by leaps and bounds. These developments have leaked into the electric razor. Below are the pros and cons of electric shaving.

Advantages of Electric Shaving

1. No-mess is assured with electric shaving. It does not hurt, it does not lead in bleeding and one do not need to deal with cuts and nicks on the face.

2. You can combine an electric shaving with wet shaving through standing under your shower that will soften the hair and lead in smoother shave.

3. This is far faster compared to wet shaving.

A slight less than the ideal shave or what people describe a ‘close shave’ is what you will need to build with.

When you have more time, and then mess and blood notwithstanding, wet shave is the best option. The finding of the argument between wet shave and electric shave is still not out. In the event you are one of many guys out there who spends lots of time waiting outside the lavatory than being inside it, shaving using an electric razor would be highly recommended.