When it comes to the many differences between men and women, one of the most interesting is how much either sex is willing to pay for certain products. One of the most interesting examples is when it comes to shaving products such as blade razors, the electric shaver, shaving foam and other supporting products that women in general pay a substantially greater amount for than men.

While there are seemingly many differences between the products that men and women use to shave their faces and legs respectively, plus the types of skin and hair differences that the sexes have as well. The truth is that these differences are so small that the same type of razor, cream or lotion can be used by either sex and it will have the same basic result.

So, if the differences are so small, then why do women on average pay up to 30% or more for shaving products that are virtually identical to what men will pay?

Electric Shaver For Women

The Differences between the Sexes

The truth can be found in the manufacturers of these products that have been able for years to basically get away with charging different prices due to the basic nature of men and women being different when it comes to something like shaving.

For example, men view personal grooming in a different manner than women. While men will bathe, shave and clean themselves properly, most of the products they use are “utilitarian” in nature in terms of how they are viewed. Basically, an “electric shaver is an electric shaver” and why pay $10 to $20 more for a product when the cheapest one does the same thing?

Women on the other hand take a more personal interest in their appearance and are more willing to pay higher prices for what they perceive as better products. It is natural to assume that something which costs substantially more is going to do a better job, so it is logical to pay for the best when you want to look your best.

Manufacturing companies when it comes to razors understand this aspect and will naturally charge more for women’s shaving products than men. In fact, they even admit as such although they do point out that the techniques used by women and the areas of the body which are shaved are different and therefore require a different approach.

Electric Razors For Women

However, certain discount stores are not following along anymore and they offer generic shaving products for women that are substantially cheaper than their brand name counterparts.

While most of these sites are focused on men, women can take advantage as well if they don’t mind using products pitched to men which are generally just as good and cost a lot less than standard women’s models. Plus, there are subscription sites that are emerging for women’s shaving products as well. So, the days of paying too much for a blade or electric shaver may soon be ending for women.