Shaving legs has become more and more common given that women are wearing shorter dresses and more revealing swim suits. You definitely do not want to show off hairy legs in a string bikini. Every woman has her preference on the razor she wants for shaving her legs based on the type, weight, size and length of its handle.

Electric razors are becoming more popular by the day and they are made in a variety of types for you to choose the one that suits you the best. Some electric razors can be used wet or dry and some are cordless. With an electric razor, the chances of experiencing a razor burn or irritation are minimal. Some electric shavers also allow for adjustment of length and trim.

electric Razor for women

With the wide range of electric razors in the market, all of them promising to give you the best shave, you should ensure you buy a shaver that fits your lifestyle best. Choose a shaver that gets your problem areas best and fits into your hands well.

In preparation for shaving your legs, take a warm shower or bath to warm up your skin, open the pores and soften your hair. Make sure the water temperature is neither too high nor too low as this can dry out the skin. It is also advisable to use an exfoliator at least one week before shaving to remove dead dry skin and to help the hair to stand up more for a closer shave.

Before shaving, you should also make sure your electric shaver, both the razor and screen are clean so that you get the best results possible and avoid infections. You can clean the electric razor using warm water. Some razors come with a Rinse Stand.

You can apply foam for a wet electric shave. The foam allows the blade to glide across the skin without leaving you with nicks and cuts. Foam also softens the hair more, thus reducing the pulling and tugging associated with shaving tough tangled hair.

Do not rush. Shaving is tedious, especially if you have longer legs. But rushing the process may result in a very poor job done with missed hair patches, unsightly gushes and increased rate of abrasion.

Cuts, nicks or razor burns are a sign that you are most likely shaving your legs incorrectly. Always shave your legs either with the hair growth or against it. Shaving against will achieve a closer shave.

After shaving, put a good moisturizer on your legs. If you used a wet shaver, patting dry the area shaved will hold the moisture in and keep your pores open, giving your legs a healthier look.

You should replace your electric razor regularly after at least 6 months. A dull razor needs to be pressed more onto the skin to achieve a cleaner shave. This increased pressure is likely to result in cuts, bleeding and ingrown hairs that could be avoided by using a sharper blade.