Shaving your head is a big and critical decision to make. You should take your time and go through all the reasons as to why you really want to shave your head and what style you would like the shave to be. Not every style you see on a celebrity’s head might be suitable for you. Do your research and consult a hair stylist to guide you. The best hair stylist to call in this case will be one who is experienced in dealing with short hair and whose work you have seen and liked on other people’s heads.

Head Shaver

Some of the benefits of shaving the head include:

1. There will be no more need to comb or primp your hair in the morning as you dress up for the day or at any other time. Shaving your head actually saves a lot of time and resources. Head shaving is less costly as compared to having long hair in terms of regular salon visit and purchasing hair products. It is ideal for those people who dread combing their head and who dread encounters with the blow drier.

2. If you are removing all your hair, the chances of getting a bad haircut are next to nil. Plus, use of the right head shaver will enhance the results of your hair cut.

3. Shaving your head will save you on bed heading and hat heading. You can wear whatever you like on your head. 

4. There will be neither tangled hair nor hair that keeps straying to your face. Having a shaved head is simply comfortable and you can feel your smooth scalp.

5. Shaving off your head will also result in new growth and denser hair because of the increased circulatory stimulation on the scalp. You get to feel and massage your scalp daily and this leads to increased blood circulation beneath your scalp. 

6. A shaved head is easier and more enjoyable to wash than washing actual hair. You do not need to use so many hair products while washing your scalp as compared to washing long hair.

7. Many people find shaving the head interesting and they will bombard you with ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions. Thus, if you are seeking attention, then shaving your head might be an easy way to get it.

8. A shaved head is more advantageous in summer and high temperature weather. Sweating from the head is minimized and all you need to cool down is a quick splash of water to your head. There will not be water dripping down you face and you will not be worried about finding a hair drier.

If you decide to shave your head, then be prepared to shave it regularly so as to keep it smooth. You may need to commit 15 minutes in 3 to 4 days a week to shave your head. But the procedure of head shaving is not difficult. All you need to do is get the right head shaver. Horizontal and rotary electric head shavers usually do the job best and have access to a larger area or the head.

You should also take precautionary measures while shaving your head to avoid getting cuts and nicks. If you are new at head shaving, it might take you at least 3 weeks to adapt to using the head shaver.