Masculine instincts motivate the men folks to look appealing; and to be the centre of attraction of all the gatherings. They endeavour in every way to get the looks which help them to stand out in every respect. They groom in the best possible manner. Shaving is an essential part of the males’ daily grooming regime. But it is a messy affair involving a lot of things such as shaving cream, razors, blade, after shaving lotion. Moreover, it sometimes leads to several problems such as cuts, bruises, irritations, abrasions, burning sensations.

However, most of these problems are faced by those males who use safety razors; by starting using the electric razors, they can easily overcome most of these problems. They should buy a good quality horizontal electric razor of rotary type to get awesome results. The electric razor can be used for both wet and dry shaving. For the wet shaving the best results can be attained with foam and gel should be avoided. One should take care not to use an electric shaver while having shower as it may spoil it.

Electric Shavers

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Before starting shaving the face should be washed thoroughly. Any sort of oil or lubricant should never be applied before using it. For the best results, one should take a shower before shaving as it will remove the dirt and grease from the face and it will help in making the beard soft to cut. One can dust the beard with talcum powder or pre-shaving lotion to remove excess oil. The direction of hair growth should always be checked before starting to shave; and the razor should be moved in the direction opposite to the hair growth for attaining better results.

The rotary razor should be moved gently in circular motions for having a close shave. To avoid any chance of cut, the shaver should never be moved in a hurry or pressed hard on the skin. The shaver should not be repeatedly moved on the same area as it may cause damage or irritation to the skin. For extra sensitive skin, the shaver should be used first on the soft parts of the face like below the jaw line, when the head of the shaver is cool; as excessive heat may cause damage to it. Then, the shaver can be moved to the tougher part of the face.

The skin should be pulled gently with one hand; and the other hand should move the razor in the opposite direction to the hair growth, this will make the skin firm and help in having a close shave. The blades of the shaver should be changed after six months. The screen and the cutter should be sharp for having the best results; hence they should be changed after time to time. Care should also be taken for cleaning of the electric razor. It should be washed with hot water and should be stand dry.

Males can easily attain superb results by using electric razors. However, they need to be little careful to avoid chances of cuts; and they can be ready with a well groomed appearance to flaunt where ever they go.