Whether you are shaving your head for a bald hardcore look or as a solution to your consistent hair loss, you can now get the job done quickly, smoothly and efficiently with specially designed electric skull shavers.

The unique design of these shavers comprises of a base that fits in your palm and a razor that contains five rotary blades which are flexible and can easily adjust to the various curves of your scalp or face. This flexible design allows the blades to move in any direction, even in circular motions, giving a close and smooth shave. While using an electric shaver, you don’t need to use any shaving cream or go into the shower. Just turn it on, shave and you’re ready to face the party.

The Bald Eagle Essential Shaver, the Bald Eagle Pro Shaver and the Bald Eagle Smart Shaver are three different models of electric shavers offered by Skull Shaver. All of these are designed to provide a smooth shave for your face and head. These electric shavers feature large swirling and flexible heads with five rotatory cutters that give you a quick and close shave without any damage to your skin.

Bald Eagle Smart Shaver For Men

Bald Eagle Essential ShaverBald Eagle Pro Shaver

Also, although they provide a convenient wet or dry shave, you should avoid using them in the shower or bathtub. With a motor that runs up to 10500 RPM, these devices are compatible with optional attachments and accessories, come with a travel case, and have a UL certified 110-240V Plug charge for worldwide voltage.

However, in spite of all these similarities, let’s have a look at the three main differences between these three models of electric shavers.


Although all of these models have the same Li-ion battery for high energy performance, the difference lies in the durability of their charging. The Bald Eagle Pro Shaver and the Bald Eagle Smart Shaver give you 90 minutes of cordless usage and take almost 2.5 hours to fully recharge. In comparison, the Bald Eagle Essential Shaver takes more time for recharging, almost 5 hours, and can be used without the cord for up to 70 minutes provided it is fully charged.


Two of these electric shavers are equipped with battery indicator displays, while the Bald Eagle Essential Shaver does not have it at all. The Bald Eagle Smart Shaver has a LCD display that indicates battery level numerically, while the Bald Eagle Pro Shaver has a LED display that shows five bars for indication of the battery level.


Another difference lies in the prices of these electric shavers. You will get a Bald Eagle Essential Shaver in $94 with 29% discount, while the Bald Eagle Smart Shaver is available with 28% discount in $130, and the Bald Eagle Pro Shaver will cost you $120 with a discount of 27%.

Unique designs, flexible shaver heads and pre-charged batteries make these electric shavers extremely easy to use. You simply need to select the one that is best for you; pack it in your bag if you are going somewhere or leave it in your bathroom cabinet; for a fast and easy shave every time.