Gone are the days of using the manual razors, after all it is a world of technology and innovation. Why should the males settle on something outdated? In the modern times, each and every thing chosen by man of today has to be trendy. When it comes to grooming masculine instincts encourages them to pick the best one, so the electric razors are in vogue, with their enchanting features.

The electric shavers enable the man to easily get a finished and neat look within a few minutes, without indulging in the hassles of using water, soap, mug, shaving cream, after shave, etc. Moreover shaving with electric razors minimizes the chances of getting bruises, irritation, burning sensations and bleeding cuts. The procedure is rather quick and handy. One can opt for either wet or dry shaving. Wet shaving can show the best results with foam. A person can take some time to get used with the electric shavers as unlike the manual razors, here the hair is held out first and then cut. However, one can easily become adapted to the new electric shaver within three weeks.

Electric Razor For Men

While choosing the electric shaver, one should keep in mind the skin type. The horizontal electric shaver can be considered best for most of the skin types. Rotary shavers are ideal for the sensitive to the tough skin. The Rotary Horizontal Shaver with five blades helps in attaining optimum results. Most of the electric shavers can work with the help of batteries or electricity; the batteries are needed to be replaced after six months. Most of the electric shavers are rechargeable. Most of the electric shavers have a separate voltage selecting function which helps in maintaining the voltage during fluctuations.

One should wash the face with soap and warm water, before using the electric razor. The razor should move against the direction of the growth of the hair. For attaining the best result, it should be moved slowly in a circular way.

Following steps for maintaining the electric razors can help in enhancing its life and productivity:

1. One should thoroughly follow the instruction given in the manual for cleaning the electric shaver and for getting the tips for the closest shave.

2. It should never be used while having shower as it might damage the machinery.

3. Oil or any sort of lubricant should never be applied on the skin, before using the electric shavers; as it can slowly damage the blades.

4. The razors should be immediately cleaned after every use. One can clean it thoroughly with warm water.

5. After cleaning it should be kept in the standing position to dry.

6. The screen and blade of the electric shaver should be sharp enough. For this purpose, it should be replaced at least once in a year.

7. The electric shaver should be cleaned thoroughly and completely at least once in a year. It should be cleaned under warm running water. Each blade should be brushed up separately. One can use the electric shaving cleaner to remove the debris and grease accumulated on the blades.

By following the above mentioned steps one can enhance the efficiency of the electric shavers, enabling them to attain a groomed look shave after shave.