Looking for a more efficient way to shave his head and save some money, Mike decided to head to the store to buy some razors so he could do it himself permanently. After all, saving time and money is important, and if you can get the look and feel of what you like and be able to do it yourself, why wouldn’t you?

But there was one thing Mike didn’t think would be a problem - disposable razors left too many nicks and cuts in his scalp. His head was relatively free of bumps, and he had shaved his head before, but after utilizing one disposable razor to what he thought would eventually end up as a change in his lifestyle, he figured he’d be better off getting it done professionally at a barber shop.

It wasn’t until a couple months later Mike found out about Skull Shaver. He’d heard all the positive reviews of the product and thought, “Why not give it a shot?” After all, he’d been shaving his head for years, and was immersed in a routine that seemed to fit for him. Once he started getting his hair shaved professionally, he fell back into a routine again. “It was just easier knowing where I was going, planning my day around it and getting it done so I didn’t have to worry about doing anything myself,” he said.

But the more time went by, the less time Mike had to plan around. He got a new job, worked long hours, got engaged, and eventually got married. Eventually, the time he had for things like going to the barber shop decreased. So, thinking about saving money and saving some time, Mike purchased the Bald Eagle Smart and didn’t know quite what to expect. After all, purchasing a product before using it always leaves some questions … but Mike sure did his homework. He watched video reviews on YouTube, with this one especially sticking out to him:

When I asked him why that review spoke to him, Mike said, “His head looks a whole lot like mine.” He also read some of the testimonials on the Skull Shaver website.

Of course, he also loved seeing the billboard heading to an Eagles game last season.

Mike was intrigued enough to purchase the Bald Eagle Smart, and answered some of these questions about the product:

Why did you want to try Skull Shaver after years of doing it yourself/getting it done professionally?

“I just was looking for something to cut down on the time needed to shave my head. With my life getting more and more busy, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try something different and to see if it was worth it.”

How long did you use it before finishing?

“It took about 15 minutes to complete. I took it after getting a haircut, but only because my hair was a little longer than I had wanted it to be before using the product.”

Would you recommend it over using regular or electric razors?

“Actually, to me, it feels similar to using an electric razor for your face, but it’s build for your head. I was even able to use it for my facial hair without a problem.”

Is there anything you wish Skull Shaver could improve on?

“The only drawback for me was that it left the back of my neck red, but it went away the next day. It was my first time using it and I believe that had a lot to do with the redness.”

Would you recommend the Skull Shaver?

“Absolutely. The easiness of using it offsets whatever it costs. Especially if you use it a few times a week.”

Mike’s wife, Meg, is now interested in investing in the Butterfly Shaver for herself. With Mike’s positive feedback from the Bald Eagle Smart, Meg will give us her own feedback when she uses the Butterfly Shaver. And we’ll have that for you right here on SkullShaver.com when she does.

Stay tuned.