The frequency of shaving is a matter of personal choice. Some people shave every day because they do not like their facial hair. Other people like their facial hair so much that they could go for weeks without shaving it.

Facial hair looks unhygienic, it affects people’s perception of you and it affects the opinion of the opposite sex about you. Shaving everyday can really boost your self- esteem and give you more confidence.

Shaving daily makes you look clean, fresh and trendy every day. Shaving requires the right blade which also depends on the sensitivity of your skin. A good electric razor will leave you feeling fresh and clean without cutting your skin and causing ingrown hairs. You can also trim your hair to a slight stubble which looks very sexy.

Having facial hair or a hard stubble, even if it is a day old, can cause your girlfriend a lot of discomfort in getting closer to your face. A hard stubble can get in the way of a kiss.

Shaving your hair daily shows that you care for yourself. This consequently shows that you at least know what it means to take care of something, and you will come out as a more caring person on a holistic level as people notice.

Electric Razor for Men

Shaving daily removes facial hair and dead skin which if not removed can clog your facial pores or get impacted within the hair follicles resulting in acne. Exfoliating before shaving also gets rid of dead and dry skin.

Daily shaving with the right electric razor will make you feel younger, refreshed and more vibrant. The neat look always makes more sense in a corporate environment than a shaggy-hair look. Shaving daily brings a degree of suaveness to your persona and people notice you and respect you.

Shaving also plays a role in increasing the level of skin protection since most of the pre and post shaving products, including foams, are spiked with anti-bacterial agents. This ensures the skin is kept away from fungal and bacterial infections.

Grooming yourself well by shaving everyday plays a big role in boosting your confidence and self – esteem because you feel more secure about yourself.
Shaving your facial hair daily will also save you on embarrassment associated with food getting stuck on the beard or mustache. This is very unappealing for anyone who meets you and so you should avoid taking chances.

Facial hair (mustaches and beards) can be very uncomfortable especially during summer with sweat trickling down the beard. This is quite embarrassing and may be itchy.

Shaving using an electric razor reduces the rate of skin abrasions and hence reduces razor bumps. If a bump appears, shaving daily will ensure you can discover and dismantle any stray hair before the razor bump becomes too big. Shaving on smaller hair also means lesser pulling, preventing the root cause of razor bumps.

Last but not least, people who can groom well and take care of themselves are perceived to be more responsible. They ooze authority and the ability to control all aspects of their lives, and consequently, they are believed to be able to exercise this responsibility in a team. Simply stating, shaving your facial hair daily improves people’s impression about you.