After using a manual razor for a long time, when you switch over to an electric razor, there are bound to be some problems that are commonly referred to as the razor rash. This means skin irritation after an electric razor is used. This problem occurs because the skin and face need to adjust to heat and pressure changes. After shaving with an electric razor, if you feel your face red, hot and irritated, certain tips can help you bring some comfort. When suffering from razor rash problem, you may see bumpy, red colored skin patches that are usually caused by a dull razor blade or bacteria. In electric razors, this problem is quite rare in comparison to manual razors that come with disposable blades. People just change the blade and carry on with their grooming activities. In case of an electric razor, the cutter and screen need replacement just once in a year.

When suffering from razor rashes, it may turn out to be a highly uncomfortable and itchy problem. Later, one may think about ways to avoid getting affected by this problem, but in the meantime, extra care may be needed by the irritated skin. There are certain home remedies that can help in soothing and curing this problem.

The first and foremost tip to avoid such a situation is by soaking facial hair for some time before starting with the shaving activity. For this purpose a washcloth soaked in hot water can be used after excess water is wrung out. The washcloth can be folded neatly and it should be applied for 3-5 minutes on the face. This warm washcloth will help with the opening up of the pores and hair will get softened as a result. Thus, when shaving, there will be less need for repetition and pressure applied on the face and the hair will cut easily.

Electric Razor For Men

When starting to shave facial hair, the sensitive areas must be shaved first because with use, the electric razors may get heated up causing irritation due to heated electric razor surface. Thus, areas like behind the ears, neck and other soft areas must be shaved initially and then move on to other areas. Watch yourself in the mirror while shaving as see whether an area has been cleaned and shaved properly. It is necessary so that there is no requirement for repeated shaving as it may cause skin irritation. When the razor is moved to an area repeatedly, it may result in friction and create irritation, especially in those people who have sensitive skin.

After using two-three times, you must clean your electric razor. This is because the razor blades may get clogged with small hair, which will result in shaving with less precision. Also, in case of a razor with dull blades, you will need to press a little harder and may also have to go over the same area several times getting the shave you want. The heads must be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis so as to avoid skin irritation.