Owing to the kind of comfort and ease electric razors render, many people are shifting to this product. Additionally, the shave happens quicker than when done with conventional methods. This is the reason that office goers especially prefer electric razors. Electric razors provide safe and smooth shave with very less effort from you. However, many men suffer from shaving rash. By understanding the reasons for these rashes and following few tips, you can avoid such rashes effectively.

Electic Shaver For Men

Suggestions to reduce shaving rash

It is very easy to keep your skin clean and safe when you take some precautions to stay clear of shaving rashes. Here are few tips that will help you achieve this,

1. When you are making use of an electric razor, always use foam to prep your shaving process and not a gel. This will avoid glitches that would otherwise occur while you are shaving and in turn give you rashes or may be even small cuts.

2. Clean your skin thoroughly before shaving. You can use a good face wash or even a mild scrub that will help you pull out the ingrown hair and keep your skin ready to undergo the shaving process.

3. Don’t apply any creams, gels or other substances that would coat your skin with unnecessary oils and add up greasiness. Your skin has to be clean and non-oily before you start using an electric razor.

4. It is a good idea to start shaving the comparatively sensitive areas first and then move on to harsher ones. The electric razors tend to heat up after a while and this heat might cause rashes on sensitive areas.

5. When you use an electric razor properly, you get a clean shave look by just using the razor once. It is not so good to repeatedly shave an area as this will cause mild to severe rashes.

6. Observe the direction in which your hair has grown. Move the electric razor in the same direction. When you move it in the opposite direction, irritation, rashes and abrasions occur.

7. After you have finished shaving, you have to ensure that you clean up your face thoroughly. Don’t use scrub at this stage. Instead use plain cold water to rinse your face. You can also use an after shave lotion that will soothe your skin. Ensure that you don’t buy strong after-shave lotions. This again may act as an allergen to your skin.

Most importantly, keep your electric razors clean and maintain them well. Sharper the blades are, lesser are the chances for you to get rashes. So replace the blades often. Clean your electric razors after each shave. Rinse them thoroughly with warm water so that there are no residues left in them. This will ensure that you have a clean shave every time. Additionally, dirty and untidy electric razors will irritate your skin and cause the unwanted rashes. Especially, if your skin is of sensitive type, make sure that you take extra care of the razor.