Electric razors are the latest devices which make shaving a cake walk. That’s the reason many men have permanently moved from manual razors to the electric ones. Electric razors provide accurate shave. You will also be happy about the fast pace in which your job gets over. Though the usage of electric razors are simple enough, you need to ensure that you know to use them right and follow the safety guidelines that’ll prevent from any mishap or harm from happening to you.

Few points to keep in mind

Using an electric razor is not very complicated. But keep in mind that it may take a while for you to get used to it. Be slow with your operations initially. Once you get a hang of it, you will automatically be able to finish your shaving process well ahead of your normal time. Here are a few points that will help you have a better shaving experience with electric razors,

1. Don’t ever apply moisturizers, gels or creams before using these razors. The performance of the device is reduced and you will not get the precision you need. Additionally, it becomes hard for the razor to do give you a clean shave.

2. Though rotary electric razors and those with horizontal blades are best for beginners, you need to understand that you have to give at least 3 weeks’ time for the adaptation process.

How to use an Electric Shaver

3. You have to take good care of your electric razors for them to render you good performance consistently. You have to keep them clean and rinse their blades thoroughly after each use. You also need to put them in a safe place so that they don’t fall off often or get soiled easily. This will increase their life time. Washing the razor with warm water will also clean it up efficiently rather than cold water.

4. Even though your electric razors are water proof, it doesn’t mean you can shave while you are showering. This is highly discouraged and not a very safe way to shave as well.

5. An electric razor is always teamed best with foams. Shaving creams or gels render very poor results. Also, gels do not go well with electric razors at all. So it is always recommended that you use good quality foam with the electric razors.

6. You can now find 5 blade rotary electric razors in the market which work super efficiently and provide very clean shaving experience. But irrespective of how superior the razor is in quality, you need to replace its blades at least once in 6 months. This is not just keeping the performance of the blade in mind, but also the hygiene.

If you use cordless or chargeable electric razors, then it is always a good idea to keep up the charge levels. The pace of the blades, the performance, the accuracy and the fine finish, all of it happens when you maintain your electric razor well.