For a nice clean shave, there are many options available in the market. Electric razors have in the market for over a century. They were invented in 1906, though they still had to be used with shaving cream. A mechanized method to have a swifter and smoother shave was born.

Jacob Schick invented the first dry electric shaver. This shaver quickly caught on with the traveller crowds. In the beginning, the dry shave electric razor was targeted towards upper class traveller. The electric shaver gained popularity and various companies came with different styles to address the issues faced by men.

Among the designs there are two major types of razors in electric shavers. They are:

  1. Rotary shavers

  2. Foil shavers

Foil shavers have a thin layer of metal which covers the blades. These blades move in a back and forth motion to cut hair. Rotary shavers have round heads which move in circular motions. These high efficiency blades cut hair in circular motion.

After almost a century, electric shavers have come a long way. Rotary blades shavers have been steadily gaining popularity among men. One of the reason for them to be popular is they are quieter than the foil shavers. Rotary shavers also provide closer and cleaner shave than its counterpart. Rotary shavers are the quietest shavers in the electric shavers’ category.

Electric Shavers for Men

Rotary shavers boost pretty neat features which appeal to a wide male audience. They work well with both short and long hair. They are able to provide a cleaner result with minimal maintenance required to the machine.

Rotary shavers are famous for provide a cleaner shave in the hard to reach and uneven areas as compared to the other types of electric shavers. Men have noticed a smoother shave with less irritable neck burn. This allows them to enjoy a smoother shave for longer periods of time.Rotary shavers are also known to be effective in removing longer hair.

Cleaning and maintenance of rotary shavers is very user friendly. There are many models available in the market which clean and sanitize shavers while they are plugged in their stands. This easy maintenance feature makes it a very popular choice among men with all types of lifestyles.

Rotary shavers are gaining popularity among with normal to thick hair types. These shavers work well with the coarser hair types as compared to other types. These shavers also provide a cleaner shave in situations where hair grows in various directions. Rotary shavers move along the contours of the face and neck to provide a clean and close shave.

Rotary shavers offer men a fast and efficient with fast paced lifestyles. Whether you are a father of small kids or a business man on the go, rotary shavers offers a clean and close shaves every time. Rotary shavers are quiet, efficient on thick hair. Rotary shavers also provide a better result when the hair growth is in haphazard directions. They stay close to the contours of the shape to give a precision shave. For a perfect shave every time which requires minimal maintenance, rotary shavers are your perfect suitable match!