Skull Shaver is renowned worldwide for its shaving products. Whether it’s the Bald Eagle Smart, Butterfly or our Beast Clipper, there’s something for everyone for any need. In fact, we’ve had consumers review our products and post them on YouTube. Here’s just a sample of a couple.

Bald Eagle Shaver:

Butterfly Shaver:

We’ve also been featured in news articles throughout the last few years. Here’s just a sample of Skull Shaver in the news.

Our Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart was named second best head shaver for men by Groom and Style!

“The shave itself is simply terrific. The Bald Eagle Smart uses rotary blades (which, as we’ve mentioned, are better suited for head shaving – unfortunately, most of the good rotary shavers are all made by the same company, Philips Norelco). But this unit doesn’t have the three blades you normally see on shavers; it has five full rotary blades. They move individually and are mounted on a large head that flexes and swirls to follow the contour of the scalp, letting you remove just about every blade of hair and giving you a very close shave without nicks or cuts very quickly (you don’t have to go over and over each patch), no matter what direction you move the shaver.

And moving the shaver is extremely easy, because of the way it’s built. The Skull Shaver doesn’t have the traditional long handle of a foil razor or the bulky “L” shape of a rotary razor; it simply has a very small, patented base which easily fits in the palm of your hand, somewhat like a square bar of soap. This makes the head shaver feel almost like an extension of your arm, allowing perfect control of the unit even if you’re shaving the back of your head. It’s a terrific idea and the team were surprised no one else had thought of it earlier. Flexibility, comfort and ease of use are the most important traits you’ll love about the Skull shaver, and combined they make the shaving of your head an utterly pleasurable experience.” explored how Skull Shaver is growing at a nice clip!

"A simple scan of any street in any town will show you that the way men groom has changed dramatically," said Perry Reynolds, vice president, global trade development, at the International Housewares Association in Illinois.

"Whether it's the bald look or the partial-beard look, people that create unique tools for maintaining those kinds of looks seem to have done very well and seem to have created whole new segments in the personal-care industry,’ Reynolds said.”

Television shows have also given away Skull Shavers to their audience members!

This is just a sample of how Skull Shaver has become globally recognized for its products. We’ll be posting more in the near future, so stay tuned to our blog for more news and consumer reviews as we head into the summer of 2017!