You may remember Mike from earlier this month. He decided to purchase the Bald Eagle Smart after hearing much about Skull Shaver and its products. I talked to him after he used it for the first time, and he was pretty happy with it.

But could that have just been because he was in the “Honeymoon Phase” of Skull Shaver? I decided to talk to him a few weeks later and asked him some questions in a Q&A format. Here are his answer, in bold:

How long have you been shaving your head?
About 5-6 years.

What made you decide to shave your head?
My hair was starting to thin.

Do you feel like your life has been impacted by shaving your head. If so, how?
No, it’s just a part of my daily routine as I am getting older.

How did you shave your head before?
Go to a salon and have someone do it.

Any annoyances with previous attempts to shave your head?
Not really.

How’d you hear about Skull Shaver?
My friend told me about it.

Three words to describe the Skull Shaver after the first time using it?
Convenient, smooth, easy.

What doubts did you have before trying the Skull Shaver?
How close the shave would be without using a straight razor.

Did the doubts end up being true?
No, the shave was just like shaving with a regular razor and shaving cream.

What would you change about the Skull Shave product?
Haven’t used it long enough to determine any flaws.

What kind of person do you think would benefit the most from using a Skull Shaver?
Police officers, military personnel, firefighters.

What kind of person do you think would not be a good fit for the Skull Shaver?
Someone with long, wavy hair.

Mike said that while a few weeks may seem like a long enough time to determine if anything can improve the look, feel and shave of the Bald Eagle Smart, he wouldn’t really determine if the shaver had any flaws until he’s used it for a few months.

Going into using the product, Mike didn’t think it would have as much an impact in his daily routine as it has. It roughly saves him four to five minutes each day, which is long enough to stop at the local Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up one of those great Frozen Dunkin’ Coffees. Sorry, I just really, really love those things.