Boys get excited about shaving for the first time. It is one of the milestones to “manhood”. It is also one of the fundamentals fathers can teach their sons. It is one of those experiences like fishing which is cherished and shared between a father and his son(s).

Electric shavers are safer and more efficient to use. They are easier to use as compared to the manual razor. Manual razors can cut and seriously injure the face from the young and shaky hand. Fathers are the steady and strong role models of their sons. Fathers are teachers who guide their sons how to mature and become a strong adult.

Parents always want the best for their kids. There are two types of electric shavers available in the market; firstly, rotary razors and secondly the foil razors. Foil razors are the razors with the traditional design on which blades are mounted on a horizontal plate. Rotary razors have a more modern look and feel to its appearance. Therefore young men like this type of electric shavers as it looks cool like robot claw too.

Rotary razors have blades mounted on circular plates. These blades depending upon the price are available in combination from three to five plates. These individual plates allow the blades to evenly distribute pressure on the face. Due to an even pressure exerted on the face, young men get a smoother shave and least irritation. These blades are perfect to cut all types of hair. The shape of the blades makes them efficient cutter for hair growing in different directions.

Electric Razor For Men

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Many new razors are now coming in with the options of rechargeable batteries. Many higher end models offer a very long on after a full charge. That is a long time for a new pair of hands to practice this skill which will be a lifelong companion.

Another thing parents know is the last thing a teenager or a tween has on their mind is cleaning. Rotary razors are famous for their easy maintenance. The blades of these razors come off easily and wash easily. Many higher end models of these razors come with their own stands and sanitization models which reduces the regular up keeping chores to a minimum.

Rotary razors keep injuries to a minimum and decrease the initial burning up sensations on skin and face. Teaching your sons how to hold a razor to get the closest shave and how not injure themselves can be a satisfying experience.

Rotary blades razors are great and safe options for fathers to pick for their sons to introduce them to this adult routine. These electric shavers are easy to use. They have individually mounted a plate which puts an even pressure on the face which reduces the irritation felt after the shaving. Rotary razors are quieter than the rest of the electric razors available in the market. They are available in different price ranges to suit every budget. These razors can be lifelong memory cherished by both fathers and sons.