A pretty straightforward task for most people can be cleaning and maintaining their electric shaver, but if you have recently gotten into using it, you may want to make use of some useful tips on cleaning and maintaining your electric shaver in order to cut the cost of shaving. Regularly and correctly cleaning your electric shaver, will help you prolong its life and also to cut the cost of shaving.

Ensuring a Clean Electric Shaver

You can easily clean your shaver manually by following the instructions given in the user manual. You may be asked in the instructions to rinse your shaver under running water or to blow or brush off any hair that may be present on it. Most electric shavers today are water resistant and it is okay for you to clean your shaver with water. You would need to carry out a thorough cleaning process at least once a month by removing the head and cutter of your shaver and soaking it in a cleaning solution.

Heads and Cutters maintained and replaced

Replacing the heads and cutters of your shaver at least after every year is important. Using your shaver often results in dulling your cutter. It can even result in a hole in your shaver’s head and affect the quality of your shave. You may even get a nasty cut. So before such a time arises it is important that you replace your cutter, which could either be every six months or a year.

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Using your Electric Shaver Less Often

Using your shaver less often will prolong its life and save you from the cost involved in replacing the heads and cutters of your shaver frequently. The frequency of using your shaver depends may depend on the appearance you wish to maintain and how fast your hair grows. It is recommended that you try shaving every other day and if that is not possible shave on your days off. This is not only important for prolonging the life of your electric shaver and cutting the cost of shaving but also for the sensitivity of your skin.

Charging Appropriately

Recharging appropriately can help you prolong the life of your electric shaver. It is important that you recharge in accordance with the instructions. Make sure you use the shaver without the cord unless you deem it absolutely necessary. Recharge the shaver when its power decreases and change the chord if it frays. The battery may last three or even five years but this is dependent on its maintenance. Thus it is important to take appropriate care of your batteries as mentioned in the instructions manual. 

The above mentioned tips will help you maintain a quality shave while prolonging the life of your electric shaver, making shaves more effective and economical for you.