The coolness factor, coupled with the practical side of things, makes sporting a shaved head for bald men a great thing. Also, you may find a few ladies digging it: ask Jason Statham! Puns aside, in all honesty, the shaved look can be great as it makes you look even sharper and manlier than before. Also, it relieves you from the things that make you look ridiculous i.e. comb overs and hair pieces.

You’ll need a proper tool to do the actual shaving once you’ve embraced your baldness whether you have a full mane and shave your head just for the looks, or it’s because your hair is really starting to get thinner. Since you’ll be doing it very often, choosing the appropriate head shaver is extremely important for you.

While some blade shavers may do the job for you, we will be solely focusing on electric head shavers for getting the job done. Electric head shavers are more comfortable, safer, and practical than conventional blades. Moreover, they help you achieve a closer shave and completely satisfy your head shaving needs.

Electric Head Shaver

Using electric head shavers

Electric head shavers are effective at shaving the head and have all the qualities desired from a head shaver. Some electric shavers come with five rotary heads that adjust to the round surface of the head and flex individually. The shaver allows you to hold it with the palm facing your head, making it supremely comfortable to use. This is not possible with a vertical handle shaver.

The shaver can be used with circular motions helping it to cover large areas in a short time while being easy to clean. Another notable thing is that the replacement blades of this shaver do not cost a lot. It’s in a league of its own due to the ergonomic design. On the other hand, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of having to buy a shaver for your head, you may opt to use a more practical and versatile razor that you can use for your face as well.

When it comes to using it for your head, the ergonomic factor is pretty much the same for all the electric shavers. Your personal preference may dictate the type of razor you use i.e. foil or rotary. You may use either for shaving your head or face.

However, it is recommended that you go for an electric head shaver that has been designed specifically to meet your head shaving needs. Thus, it becomes important that you look for an electric head shaver rather than looking for any electric shaver to fulfill your head shaving needs.

All the things mentioned above make the electric head shaver an essential product for all balding men and the reason you need to get one for yourself.