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Butterfly Manicure Kit 2


18 Reviews

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All stainless steel
Well stitched
Long lasting quality
Comes in beautiful gift box
Cuticle Clipper & Tweezers
Manicure Pedicure Grooming Kit
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18 Reviews
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    • Review User Alisha

      so convenient!!


      I always keep one of these little kits in my purse, it's so easy to use on the run! Comes in handy in so many situations. The case is really durable too!

      Review by / (Posted on 3/21/2017) verified email
    • Review User Tpamba

      Value for money and must have


      This manicure set is really value for money and a must have. I can't go anywhere without my set. I have it already for a couple of months, and the quality is still perfect. One of the best sets I have ever bought.

      Review by / (Posted on 9/25/2016) verified email
    • Review User Tanja

      Everything that you need to have


      This manicure set is offering everything that you need to have to maintain good looking nails. There aren't many manicure sets that are this high quality. Best value for money

      Review by / (Posted on 9/18/2016) verified email
    • Review User Voltry

      You made my day


      You made my day when I saw this manicure set. The price is just right. And, I was so surprised when the manicure set arrives and the quality was so impressive. This is the best manicure set that I ever bought.

      Review by / (Posted on 9/8/2016) verified email
    • Review User Peppa

      Love my manicure set


      Thanks, I really love my manicure set, and you didn't disappoint on the quality of the set. I like using my manicure set and always have it ready in my handbag.

      Review by / (Posted on 9/4/2016) verified email
    • Review User Yelly

      Quality case


      I was surprised about the quality of the case. It is durable and will not break very easily. I hate my other manicure set that I have bought at the supermarket, but loves this one. Thank you for a great product with great quality.

      Review by / (Posted on 8/27/2016) verified email
    • Review User Wenda

      Long lasting


      Not all the manicure sets are build to last. But this set is different. With this set you will know that you have a manicure set that is going to last for a long time. You will always have the tools ready when needed.

      Review by / (Posted on 8/21/2016) verified email
    • Review User Patcy

      Recommended for every women


      I really recommend this for every women who is serious about their nails and nail maintenance. I can't go without my manicure set, and with the quality that the set is coming in, I won't need to replace my set soon.

      Review by / (Posted on 8/13/2016) verified email
    • Review User Zetty

      Great price


      You will not find another manicure set that are this durable at this affordable price. I have bough mine on special and isn't regretting it for one minute. I am using mine all the time.

      Review by / (Posted on 8/6/2016) verified email
    • Review User Retha

      Stainless steel equipment


      This isn't some fake, cheap manicure set. This is real stainless steel equipment that are not going to break that easily. I was desperately looking for a manicure set that's high quality and has finally find one!

      Review by / (Posted on 7/28/2016) verified email

    1-10 of 18

    Showing 1 - 10 of 18 items