When John Lyles needed a good electric shaver to shave his head, he could not find one in any store or online. That is when the idea was born to provide a solid electric shaver that shaves nicely and smoothly. Neel Kulshreshtha and John Lyles, owners of the firm have been working on this project since 2010 to bring to the consumers a solid electric shaver that is convenient and contours to your head and other body parts easily and shaves nicely. After working on designing and re-designing, proto-typing and re-proto-typing, testing and retesting and facing several failures, we finally were able to bring first SKULLShaver® to Amazon at the end of December 2012.

It was an instant sensation.

This is the first major design change since first electric razor was invented in 1928 by Col. Jacob Schick 86 years ago.

Without any advertising, we were selling this shaver from the day one it was put on Amazon. Soon we were covered by Philadelphia Inquirer, CBS radio and other newspapers, TV and radio stations as well as by many

online services and website. [All of this was done independently without any compensation]

In this process we learnt more about the shaving needs of men and women. By December 2013 we brought in electric shavers for men as well as for women. Men shavers are branded under Bald Eagle Shavers® name and women are branded under Butterfly Shavers® name.