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Bald Eagle Shaver Kit

Product Review (submitted on January 14, 2018):
I got this item for Christmas and am really please with it. Here are a few of my thoughts...

1) To start off with I suggest you shave your head with clippers as short as possible. At least for me the Skull Shaver is great for keeping a bald head but if you let your hair grow in too much it struggles a little. Directions state not to let hair grow more than two days. (Everyone's hair is different so who knows.)

2) I still shave my face with a razor, I just don't think the Skull Shaver gets it smooth enough. However I never really intended to use the SS on my face.

The Skull Shaver is easy to use and cleans things up quickly, probably the best part is no little hairs getting all over the place. Somehow they all stick in the Skull Shaver and rinse out easily. The Rinse Stand is worth purchasing.

It probably takes me 2 minutes every other day, no complaints.

Good Luck!