• Butterfly Pro Purple 3H "Lady's Shaver"

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Butterfly Pro Purple 3H "Lady's Shaver"

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  • Butterfly Pro Purple 3H "Lady's Shaver"
  • Butterfly Pro Purple 3H "Lady's Shaver"
  • Butterfly Pro Purple 3H "Lady's Shaver"
  • Butterfly Pro Purple 3H "Lady's Shaver"
  • Butterfly Pro Purple 3H "Lady's Shaver"

Butterfly Pro Purple 3H "Lady's Shaver"


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  • Electric Shaver designed to reach all areas of body
  • Strong motor up to 10500 RPM; Li-ion battery for high performance
  • 90 Minutes of use on single charge; Two and a half hours to fully recharge
  • LED display shows battery level indicator with red light for last 20% of charge
  • UL certified 110-240V Plug charge for Worldwide voltage
  • Not for using in bathtub or shower; Cordless and corded operation
  • Comes with North American plug - Universal Adapter sold separately

Experience a fast and smooth dry or wet shave. Shaving gel is not recommended as its density and stickiness can hurt performance. Patented design for extra reach to back of head and body. Forehand Glide Shaving provides many reaches by forehand motions. Backhand Glide Shaving provides many reaches by backhand motions. Shaver features large swirling, flexing shaver head with five rotary cutters for fast and close shave. This takes the mess out of shaving. Experience no nicks, cuts or burns. The Butterfly Shaver by Skull Shaver® features a small patented hand-held shaver handle that easily fits in the palm of the hand and its shaped horizontally as opposed to the traditional vertical shaver handle. This shaver features 5 individual flex action, double super thin heads which automatically adjust to every curve of the scalp or face for a smooth shave. This feature enables the user to shave faster in any direction, including a circular motion. Easy to clean and rinse with warm water without opening shaver heads. You can find many useful videos on butterflyshaver.com website. Compatible with attachments and accessories sold separately. We are in pursuit of the Perfect Electric Shaver! As always we offer full satisfaction or your money back.

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    • Review User Elen

      I got this razor for about 4 months now and it does its job in shaving. However, it doesn't deliver the closest trim and can cause razor burns sometimes


      I got this razor for about 4 months now and it does its job in shaving. However, it doesn't deliver the closest trim and can cause razor burns sometimes

      Review by / (Posted on 4/15/2018)
    • Review User Taylor

      convenient shave


      this is a nice and comfortable shaver, it's been a breeze to use and it's a relief that I don't have to worry about cutting my legs anymore

      Review by / (Posted on 6/15/2017) verified email
    • Review User Tnanny

      Fell apart on me


      This is the best shaver I have ever used until after only 6 months it fell apart on me. I opened it up to clean it and it would not stay closed afterwards. It appears that the little piece that the hinge grabs hold to broke off. What a disappointment!!!!!

      Review by / (Posted on 6/13/2017)
    • Review User pmoore

      The Best


      I used mine for the first time this morning.........wish I had known about this before now. Every time I used a disposable razor I always had nicks. This is the best and I highly recommend it.

      Review by / (Posted on 4/7/2017)
    • Review User ashley

      nice n quick!


      easy smooth shave. wish i knew about this a while ago!!

      Review by / (Posted on 3/21/2017) verified email
    • Review User Ang586det

      I LOVE IT!!!


      I wish I would have bought this years ago! Works great! Saves me alot of time, Great product!!

      Review by / (Posted on 2/12/2017)
    • Review User KIM

      Awesome shaver


      By far the best shavers I have used. Plan to buy one for every girl in the family.

      Review by / (Posted on 1/14/2017) verified email
    • Review User KIM

      Terrific shaver


      I bought one for myself and was so impressed with the closeness of the shave, ease of use and i don't think you could cut yourself if you tried. Anyway every girl in my family will be getting one of these. From my mom to my granddaughters. I have never been so impressed with a personal care product before. Glad I found out about you.
      Sincerely, Kim Mozley

      Review by / (Posted on 1/13/2017) verified email
    • Review User aujanue



      This shaver works!!!!!! Many years i have used creams that break me out and even ended up once in the ER for this, razors are hard and bumpy make u bleed.I tried this one the other day .i waited a few days i was nervous to use it.it really works no pain no bleeding no cuts, bumps ,nothing, just a smooth clean shave ,whats more fascinating is it will shave anywhere u need .great product .im so extremely happy is worth every penny.please try get it while sale price is good thanks aujanue

      Review by / (Posted on 12/7/2016)
    • Review User Handrine

      Best women shaver of all times


      This is the best women shaver of all times, and I have the proof. I have bought a couple of women shavers over time, but not one of them was great. I wasn't satisfied with a single one. Until I bought the Butterfly Pro shaver 3H. This is a great shaver. It is lightweight, but strong enough to give a clean cut. It has a powerful motor, much more powerful than other women shavers. This is the one shaver that I will recommend to all my girlfriends.

      Review by / (Posted on 10/30/2016) verified email

    1-10 of 27

    Showing 1 - 10 of 27 items

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