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  • skull shaver pitbull shaver blades main photo
  • Pitbull Gold Shaver
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Pitbull Gold Shaver

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Is it the best head shaver ever made?

Experience the third generation and the newest line from Skull Shaver. We tore down our old product and rebuilt from the ground up with a focus on quality and durability. New production facilities, better components, and better quality testing make Pitbull our most durable and best shaver to date. Oh, and it's IPX5 water resistant so now you can shave in the shower.

Pitbull shaves faster, closer, and is more durable than anything else we have made. Convenience without sacrificing performance.

  • All new production and premium build quality
  • IPX5 water resistant. Safe for shower use, do not submerge.
  • Can be used while charging
  • Built to be durable and precise, shaving faster and smoother
  • Designed for cordless bald head and face shaving
  • Durable and powerful motor turns up to 10,000 RPM
  • cUL/CE certified 110-240V charge input handles varying worldwide voltages and allows for worldwide charging
  • Comes with North American two prong plug


Pitbull Gold Features

  • 1,400 mAh lithium ion battery
  • 90 minutes cordless operation
  • LED illuminated LCD screen battery life indicator
  • Comes with Pitbull Universal Blades
  • 1 year warranty. We are currently offering an additional 6 month warranty on Pitbull Gold and Platinum shavers, bringing your total manufacturer warranty coverage to 1.5 years.


Pitbull lets you experience a fast and smooth, dry or wet shave. On the go, at home, or in the shower, Pitbull has you covered. For wet shaving, please use shaving foam. Shaving gel is not recommended as its density and stickiness can clog the blades and hurt performance.

The Grip

The patented ergonomic design doesn't just fit your hand, it becomes an extension of your hand. The shaver body allows for many different grips, letting you comfortably reach and quickly shave hard to reach areas like the upper and lower parts of the back of your head. Please see the images for examples.

The Blades

Five large, flexing shaver heads with rotary cutters allow you to shave in any direction. You can shave while moving the shaver forward, backward, even in a circular motion. This significantly cuts down on the time it takes to shave, all while you experience no nicks, no cuts, and no burns.

Each blade flexes independently, allowing the blades to contour to any head or face shape, giving you an even shave over even the hardest to shave spots.

We completely re-engineered Pitbull blades. They shave faster and smoother than any of our previous models. The final drive gear is 22% larger, delivering more hair cutting torque to the blades. The cutting area has been increased 10%, allowing you to shave more area in less time. Each foot articulates 33% more, allowing the shaver to better conform to the shape of your head.

The precision blades are encased in a stronger casing, giving Pitbull blades excellent durability and protection from unexpected jolts and drops. The enclosed monocoque design lets us manufacture blades to tighter specs, which means Pitbull blades can shave faster, smoother, and more efficiently than old designs.

Battery and Charging

Pitbull shavers have new, more durable high performance lithium ion batteries. The lithium ion battery runs strong until it is fully depleted, giving you consistent performance from beginning to end. Running and charge time vary with model.


To clean, simply run the shaver and dip the blades in the Skull Shaver Rinse Stand or a bowl of water. The running blades will self-clean and push out shavings.

Use and For Best Results

For best results, move the shaver in small circular motions. Clean the blades frequently in a Skull Shaver Rinse Stand or a bowl of water. Simply dip the running blades in the water occasionally throughout the shave.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Your shaver will come with the following protection:

  • 100% Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Love it or send it back. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for ANY reason, we will provide a full refund. We pay for return shipping within the USA and UK.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. Currently we are offering a bonus additional 6 month warranty on Pitbull Gold and Platinum, all at no extra cost. Allows for exchange if any defects arise within 1 year of purchase. This warranty covers the battery, motor, and handle (blades are not included in the warranty coverage).

FeaturePitbull SilverPitbull GoldPitbull Platinum
Chargetime (hours)12.52.5
Runtime (minutes)309090
Battery IndicatorLow Battery Indicator LEDLED Illuminated Numerical ChargePremium LED Numerical Charge Display
Cordless Operation
Corded Operation
Included Blade DesignPitbull EssentialPitbull UniversalPitbull Universal
Exterior FinishReflective BlackReflective BlackPlatinum Chrome
Rinse Stand Case Included*
Travel Case Included
Travel Lock
Wash Indicator
Warranty1 Year1 Year + 6 Months2 Years
*Pitbull Platinum will come with the Pitbull Rinse Stand, but Rinse Stand production is behind schedule. All customers who purchase Pitbull Platinum will receive a free Rinse Stand when they are available.

As with any new shaving device, your skin may need to up to two weeks to adapt to the new blades or technique.

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FeaturePitbull SilverPitbull GoldPitbull Platinum
Chargetime (hours)12.52.5
Runtime (minutes)309090
Battery IndicatorLow Battery Indicator LEDLED Illuminated Numerical ChargePremium LED Numerical Charge Display
Cordless Operation
Corded Operation
Included Blade DesignCarverForteForte
Exterior FinishReflective BlackReflective BlackPlatinum Chrome
Rinse Stand Case Included*
Travel Case Included
Travel Lock
Wash Indicator
Warranty1 Year1 Year + 6 Months2 Years

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    • Review User SKGrace

      Stunning. Simply the best.


      I am loving how easy this makes shaving my face and head this morning. No need for any kind of soap, water, or cream. Simple, fast, effective. Quite simply, I feel like I purchased the Mercedes Benz of shaving devices.

      Review by / (Posted on 3/16/2018)
    • Review User Wut_Ama_Due

      Couldn't be more pleased


      I got the Pitbull for Christmas last year. I have to say I'm as happy as I can be with it. As a balding but hirsute man, my face has two styles: off and on. I would use my clippers with no guard to achieve a bald head and then proceed to peel my head like a potato.

      The pitbull has made it easy for me to maintain the bald head and not screw up by passing to close to the beard with my clippers. Awesome product!

      After a month's use, I have had my first problem though. The circular blade foil cracked from use and made the unit stopped rotating. I called customer service and they are already sending me a replacement unit. Quick response from their team.

      Review by / (Posted on 1/26/2018)
    • Review User NCMarty18

      Great shave! Easy to use!


      Before buying this shaver I was going to the barber once a week to get a proper shave. Not only were the shaves themselves expensive, but I live in the middle of nowhere in rural Georgia so it was a 45 minute drive each way to the nearest barber. I have always preferred razor blades to electric shavers, but the Pit Bull actually gives me a smoother shave than I was getting at the barber! It will pay for itself in less than two months. I am recommending this shaver to all of my follicley challenged friends.

      Review by / (Posted on 1/11/2018)
    • Review User Tab

      so far so good


      I ordered this product for my husband for Christmas. He was very excited but as soon as he took it out of the box and tried to use it the motor broke apart from the razor head. So we contacted customer service. they were great said I needed to ship the old one back and they would have a new one out to us as soon as they can. Now I am not real happy I had to pay another $13.60 to have the shaver sent back to them but we received our new one a few days ago and so far my husband loves it. So as of now with the new one I'd say great product and good customer service.

      Review by / (Posted on 1/7/2018)
    • Review User Duane

      Excellent Shaver!


      I purchased a Braun series 7 razor after reading many reviews. It cost at least twice what the Pitbull Gold cost me, and is only half as good. I have only used the Pitbull Gold twice, but I like it much better already.

      Shipping to Canada was fast. I am very satisfied with this product and it does an awesome job on my head and face. Definitely makes saying bald an easy task!

      Review by / (Posted on 1/3/2018) verified email
    • Review User KingCarter

      Greatest shaver I’ve used


      I have been using different shavers for about 2 years and always debated on getting a skull shaver. After the first use I had to seriously question why I waited so long. It’s smooth shave and doesn’t lose any power as the battery dies out. There’s no reason to not have this shaver if you shave your head yourself. If there was more than 5 stars to give, I definitively would.

      Review by / (Posted on 12/31/2017)
    • Review User Greg

      Superb shaver -- does not nick!


      I've had the Pitbull Gold for 2 weeks now and I'm very impressed with it. The more I use it, the better it seems to fit the contours of my head. And the battery charge is amazing. Best of all, the Pitbull Gold does not take divots out of my scalp. You will need the rinse stand though to provide a rack so that your razor can drip dry after use. Super product!

      Review by / (Posted on 12/29/2017)
    • Review User Phranquenstein

      As close as a razor shave


      I’ve been using standard clippers to shave my head for the past 15 years. Typically there’s always stubble and missed hairs, and a ton of nicks and cuts. I recently had an actual razor shave for the first time, and loved the result. But $50 a shave was a bit too much. When asked what I wanted for Christmas, I asked for a skull shaver. Well, I got it, and finally tried it...and I’m smiling. I got the basically the result I got with the razor, and was able to shave my face at the sane time. I’m impressed with the Pitbull Gold shaver, and I’m absolutely hooked!

      Review by / (Posted on 12/26/2017)
    • Review User Lee

      I’m so used to being disappointed when buying online


      I’m so used to being disappointed when I buy things online. I find that the reviews are seldom accurate or seldom work for me. I’m pleased to say that that is not the case with the Pitbull Gold. I can’t remember the last time I was so delighted with a product. This is the 2nd time in my life I have tried to go bald. Last time I was annoyed by how much work it was and how much time it took just to get rid of my daily stubble. Not any more! It truly takes me about 2 minutes to get a thorough shave and the results are so good. My shaver came nicely packaged and fully charged. I’ve been using it for about 5 days now and it still has a 70% charge. I’m so impressed that I will recommend this product to anyone I talk to about shaving their head!
      Great job Skull Shaver.

      Review by / (Posted on 12/24/2017)
    • Review User ABUELOZ



      My first Skull Shaver was the Bald Eagle and while I was satisfied with its performance, I ugraded to the Pitbull Gold and it is definitely the ultimate answer for head shaving. Its larger heads and sharper blades provide a closer shave on scalp and face. There is no irritation and it does not "pull" whiskers out, it shaves the clean. This is a beautifully designed shaver and well worth the price.

      Review by / (Posted on 12/3/2017)

    1-10 of 17

    Showing 1 - 10 of 17 items

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